The Anxiety Solution Series:

Your Guide to Overcoming Panic,
Worry, Compulsions and Fear
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After listening to the program I feel tremendous. I feel so amazing. The Anxiety Solutions Series was a miracle.

-Michele, Administrator, lifelong anxiety sufferer

The strategies and techniques were so practical. I feel confident and calm. A hundred times better.

-Vern, Teacher, 10-year anxiety sufferer

I loved The Anxiety Solution Series. It has changed my life radically. I don’t have any more panic attacks. And I’m feeling really happy and at peace finally.

-Darlene, Caregiver, 10-year anxiety sufferer

The Anxiety Solution Series is POWERFUL! It educated me on my anxiety disorder and encouraged me to personally end the suffering with the tools provided.

-Faline, Loss Mitigation Specialist, lifelong anxiety sufferer

Since finishing The Anxiety Solution Series I honestly feel like a new person. The Series is a complete body, mind and soul program designed to empower anyone suffering with anxiety.

-Susan, Hotel Concierge, 11-year anxiety sufferer

After a few months my anxiety reduced down to almost nothing. I no longer have panic attacks. I dont avoid anything anymore. With this Series, no one should suffer with anxiety. This is life saving.

-Hooman, Director of Product Marketing, 25-year anxiety sufferer

The Anxiety Solutions Series can really change your life. It sounds impossible, but this series is a million-dollar lottery ticket for anxiety sufferers. I should know, I use it with patients in my office.

-Dr. Wendy Ashley, Psychologist and University Professor

I have tried many forms of therapy and read many books on the subject, but nothing really worked. Until I got this series. This is NOT just a book on anxiety - it is an entire TREATMENT PROGRAM. The most essential tool for me was learning how to actually deal with my negative, defeating thoughts. It's genius, and it works!

-Connie, University Professor, 10-year anxiety sufferer

I have dealt with anxiety since I can remember. Out of desperation, I bought the Anxiety Solution CDs. And WOW I can definitely say that was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I used to have panics attacks several times a day and my anxiety got to the point where I became so depressed because I never thought I would get better. It's been over 2 months since my last anxiety attack. The Series gave me some sort of confidence in myself. It really is amazing and I recommend it to anyone suffering from anxiety.

-Rianna, College Student, Lifelong anxiety sufferer

I have grown more along my path towards freedom from my anxiety disorder with Anxiety Solution Series than I have in forty years of living with panic attacks. I have tried many psychiatrists and therapists over the years, but this CD Series has been the single-most effective tool I have ever found. I have found the results to be amazing. Thank you Ken for giving me back a full life.

-Linda, Social Worker, 40-year anxiety sufferer

I had been suffering from anxiety for over 3 years and was put on medication here in Australia. Therapy combined with medication (Valium) did not seem to be helping. I feared driving, being on my own and most simple household tasks were extremely difficult. I found the Anxiety solutions series, and after 3 months of solid dedication and commitment, I no longer take valium and have gotten my freedom back. I can now drive. All household chores are now so easy and enjoyable. I am a much calmer person. I got a thousand times better results than therapy appointments that cost over $100. No one should have to live suffering when there is fantastic help.

-Sarah, Accountant, 3-year anxiety sufferer

The Anxiety Solution Series taught me skills to overcome my anxiety. Recently I faced my worst fear without panicking. Thank you for creating this program.

-Ruth, Graduate Student, 14-year anxiety sufferer

I have finally found something that has truly helped me recover from anxiety. My quality of life has improved drastically. I highly recommend The Anxiety Solution Series.

-Joy, Social Worker, 9-year anxiety sufferer

I’ve learned so much thanks to The Anxiety Solution Series. I’ve gained freedom, courage, and mostly hope to live. I never dreamed it was possible when I have suffered so long, afraid and avoiding life. I never believed I could have power and freedom over anxiety and panic. I look forward to life and living now. It’s a miracle! I’m so deeply grateful to Ken and his work.

-Robin, Waitress, lifelong anxiety sufferer

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University Professor, 10-Year Sufferer.
Panic, Depression, Perfectionism, IBS

College Student, Lifelong Sufferer.
Social Anxiety, Panic, Hopelessness

University Professor & Therapist
"This Series is Amazing!"

Administrator, Lifelong Anxiety Sufferer.
Stressed, Moody, Unable to Work

Disability Care Specialist, 6-Year Sufferer.
Chest Pains, Dizziness, Insomnia, Suicidal

Caregiver, 10-Year Sufferer.
Fears of Death, Driving, Being Trapped

Physical Therapist, 30-Year Sufferer.
Social Anxiety Since Childhood

Hotel Concierge, 11-Year Sufferer.
Claustrophobia, Worry, Panic

5-Year Sufferer.
Panic, Compulsions, Fear, Insomnia

Director of Marketing, 25-Year Sufferer.
Panic, Worry, Avoidance, Isolation