Hypnosis CDs & Downloads to Help You Improve Your Life

Confidence Booster

Reprogram your mind to focus on your strengths, eliminate negative beliefs that have been holding you back, and gain the confidence and self-esteem to achieve anything you set your mind to. Learn More

Maximum Motivation

Develop the motivation and self-discipline to accomplish any task and pursue any goal, without losing interest, getting distracted, or giving up when things don't go your way. Learn More

Change Without Fear

Use the power of your subconscious mind to overcome the fear of change, so you can enjoy wonderful new experiences and live a life filled with more joy, abundance and prosperity.  Learn More

The Journey to Achievement

Overcome the fear of failure and develop the courage and confidence you need to realize your full potential and reach your goals. Learn More

Stop Procrastinating NOW

Develop the "go-getter" mindset and the positive energy you need to become the self-starter you desire to be. Learn More

Persistence, Confidence & Success

Make positive changes that will help you improve your determination, boost your confidence, and put you on the path to success in whatever you do. Learn More

The Personal Growth Series: Get all 6 sessions on 3 CDs and SAVE!

Get all six Personal Growth Series hypnosis sessions, (Confidence Booster, Maximum Motivation, Change Without Fear, The Journey to Achievement, Stop Procrastinating NOW, and Persistence Confidence & Success)on three CDs and SAVE! Learn More